Monday, April 2, 2007

Ahh...Do you smell that? It's the smell of spring break! *woot woot*

Yesterday was Seez Dah Beh Dar (literally it means 13 out the door), it's where persians flock out to parks to enjoy friends and family (all the FOBs), eat lots of food (I could only eat two mum's lentil salad & my cousin's vegtables), and stay out doors as much as possible for the day. 13 is an evil number, so you have to bansh it our by staying outdoors and not bring it in. Yeah, I have no idea if you understood that. Anywho...I enjoyed the ducks' company. I have much pictures to share with you. If you can't tell, animals make me happy! Except for cats because I'm allergic...speaking of allergies...Ho-Lee Crap!!!! It was allergy helllllllllllllll! I couldn't breath or see. My nose was running, trust me I couldn't catch it...ran too fast...ha ha...and my eyes were constantly crying tears, like someone turned on the faucet.

The two duckies were (are) mates (how cute!), but the male's foot was broken (*sniff*)...there were no park rangers to tell...and trust me I suffering as much as that duck was. Poor baby.

These ducks were following each other in a line. Cuteness!

White Duckies!!!

There once as a group of three ducks that never left each other's side. They loved each other so and they lived happily ever after. Yeah...there's two brown ducks and one white duck who always followed each other. It was so awesome to watch them just travel together in the lake together. No I'm not a loser, so shut up.

I named this ducky Elvis. Coolest hair doooooooo ever! Never seen a duck with hair.

That's my duck adventure.

By the way I've been absolutely obsessed with these vegan cookies at Whole Foods. Check them out at . Uber yummy-nesssssss. Especially the Espresso one...and the Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice cookie...all are FAB-U-LUS!!!

Tomorrow I cook a butttttttttttttttttttttttt load of vegan food for our adventure to Sin City. Excited! For the food, I mean.

I'll take a notebook along and write down my bloggies there aaaaaaaaaaaaaand post them up when I get back so you party people can enjoy the interesting adventures I had.

Oh yeah... HELLO?! I totally forgot about Harry Potter!!!!!!!! I saw the cover on last Thursday when it was first revealed. So fucking excited!!!!!!!! Eeek!

Oh how I so love the Potter!

These freaking vegan chocolate chips I'm nibbling on right now are making me FAT!...but they're so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

If you're bored check out Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. Especially the tracks Black Mirror, Intervention, and The Well & The Light House. WoW! Go Canadians!

Are you getting ready for the return of The Smashing Pumpkins? Wonder who's lined up in the band, other than Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin? A mystery waiting to be seen...

Have you seen AFI's touring sched? They're so packed with concerts! One right after another. Barely any breaks...aaaaaaand their last one is in Paris (!!!) with Hot Hot Heat and The Killers. They're so lucky. My dream is to go to Paris ever since I was born (yes, I was that intelligent!)

Premier of Evanescence's Sweet Sacrifice is on Thursday...I'll see it when I get back.

Oh great! I finished my chocolate chips...tear tear...ask my mum to get me more!

How senial am I?!?!?!

Happy Birthday Gerard!!!!

The big 3-0!!!! Woo!

I knew I was forgetting something. Next month it's Mike Dirnt's and Hunter's birthday...No worries! It's on my calendar.

Blaqk Audio!

The End.

(for today)

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Fantamazing! said...

hehe thanks! I cannot wait For the thinger to come in the mail! augh! How are you a vegan? Holy cow! thats really awsome! the best i can get it vegitarian...AWSOME!