Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have been taken over by the Lazy Demon of Laziness and that is why I have finally posted today.

Aren’t you uber duber excited for Blaqk Audio’s CexCells???? I cannot wait! I’m still trying to figure out if Jade’s bloggy is run by him or just a stupid imposter that makes me happy when an updation has been posted. The one of the people who run the message boards on the official Blaqk Audio fan site ( say that it is…

Had an absolute bad experience when I started baking my thumbprint cookies on Thursday night (06/28/07)…everything just went all kapooey. The humidity wasn’t helping either. My batter was way too sticky and all the things that I touched just got batter on it. My cookies turned out flat…ugly…and too floury. About four of them broke in half and a couple of them sunk right down the middle making a nice fountain of strawberry jam. To make things even better I broke the coffee pot (glass shards everywhere!!!). I dunno. I guess the Baking Gods weren’t too happy with me or it’s sign that I’m crap like my cookies. Bah! Be gone you evil demons of horrid incidences!!! Leave me to bake glorious cakes and cookies and not this shit that I have been creating!!!

A game of hearts lifted my spirits just a tad bit (the dots represent how much it improved my mood---> ..) and as always, I type my name in as “moo” when I play. You didn’t need to know that…

Potluck (06/29/07). Yes. I debated to give the carnivores my cookies…I thought not! If I did, then they were going to think that these crappy cookies are what vegan people survive on. I can’t do that to my fellow veggies!!! I’ll kept the crap to myself (strangely my mummy loved them…why is it that all the poopy things I make end up being a good thing with her? Because she’s my mum and she doesn’t want her daughter to think that what she makes is shit. What a fab mum I have!).

I went to go check what they had…nothing really (for me that is). I took pictures of the fruit, few veggies, and my mum’s salad. The did for the fruit and veggies weren’t vegan. I ate nothing. NOTHING. I felt sick from the ch**ken w*ngs that were on the table.

I have got more than half of my room makeover done. I’m happy it’s not as crowded and now I actually have light!

Harry Potter, Yo!

Oh and my mum made a spiffy pasta salad.

I hope you all have a fab Fourth of July! (I’m going to go see Transformers!)

The End.

(for today)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Day Mates! How’s life treating you?

Excuse my random blah blahs that I post occasionally…sometimes you just have to let it out. Anywho…

On Friday (06/22/07) my best friend and I spent the whole day together (wee!). We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (my 2nd time, her first…sadly she hasn’t watched the 2nd one yet…Dead Man’s Chest) and spent about 500 hours at Whole Foods (her first time going there…so you can imagine a kid going into a candy store). I swear we were in the water isle for about 20 minutes.

Then we went to the iMac store and took extremely random pictures on their computers (I’m on the left…just to let those who can’t tell a Chinese chick apart from a half Persian/half Korean girly). Sadly, she’s not going to return for another month aaaaaand she’s still a carnivore. Meh. I have no idea how we turned out to be the best of friends. Very strange, no?

I was absolutely in shock to see that Jade posted on his blog after…what? 8 billion years?! That made me H-A-P-P-Y!

I am glad to see and hear that my poop cake has become a success by my fellow bloggers, family, and friends. Who would ever have thought that the poop cake of all cakes would be a winner?! Ha ha.

It is very very very very (just multiply “very” by infinity) here in the So Cal…the valley, yo! I HATE THE VALLEY! Not really…I just hate heat. I’m like an ice cube that has been placed on a hot stove… “I’m melting!” And to those who never believed in global warming until recently (or just don’t believe it exists) and have been using aerosol hairsprays and whatevers, I say FUCK YOU! We’re suffering because of you and pretty soon we’ll be nothing like those poor innocent creatures that you have drastically tortured and have so willingly placed on your goddamn plate to eat. What was I saying? Ah, yes, so to keep myself cool and not use so much energy, unlike those other bastards out there who cause power outages, I make smoothies and milk shakes! Yummy mummy!

If you’re one for tarty stuff…here’s one that I luuuuurve (I haven’t named it yet…how about…Num Num? Ha ha, that sounds funny. It’s not sugary, so if you want something sweeter I suggest using about a Teaspoon or a Tablespoon of maple syrup):


5 Big Hugemungo Frozen Strawberries (or about 7 normal ones)

1 Box of Frozen Blueberries (about a cup)

1 Cup Soymilk

½ Cup Soy Yogurt

The Magic:

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until all the lumpy lumps are out and my dear friend, you have yourself a fantastic drink to keep yourself cool.

Forgot to mention that my mum’s friend got me The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen cookbook. *Happy*

I was thinking about buying it, but I wasn’t sure due to the fact that…well, you know, me already being half Persian. I was really pleased to see that it’s not the usual traditional dishes that’s in it. I most definitely recommend it to other people who are looking for a new kick in their vegan diet (and those of you who aren’t vegan…GO VEG!!!).

I don’t think I’ve ever met a Persian vegan…actually my aunt’s friend’s daughter was a vegan for about a month and then she was like “My body needs meat.” Urgh. Screw you. I’ve met Persian vegetarians, though. Most of them do it for themselves and not for the animals. What-Ev.


No, I’m not talking about the movie (07/13/07, Friday the 13th…how original…bleh!), THE BOOK (07/21/07)!!!

I feel sad that it’s coming to an end. I remember when I started it in middle school or was it elementary? And now…it’s OVER! *sniff* I’m rereading all the years (1-6), as I do every time J.K. Rowling is coming out with a new book, to refresh my memory…not that I wouldn’t forget anything.

My mum is having a potluck on Friday and she’s making her world famous salad. I’m planning on making something…just don’t know what yet. I should make something so unbelievable that her coworkers will be like, “Wow! I’m a dumbass! I’m going to go vegan!” That would be super duper!

Oh and no I haven’t put together my room yet…be patient. Believe me, I’ve been pretty impatient myself. I think on Saturday it will be complete, except for a few pictures for my walls…which I need to go on a scavenger hunt for. I’m looking for Andy Warhol stuff (replicas, of course. I’m not that rich) and Nightmare Before Christmas posters…or black and white vintage photos. Ya. I’ll post pictures of the makeover, no worries.

The End.

(for today)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nausea! Heartburn! Indigestion! Upset Stomach! Diarrhea! HEY! (Pepto Bismol)

Best Speech EVER (From School of Rock):

“Give Up. Just quit. Because in this life you can’t win, yeah you could try, but in the end you’re just going to lose, BIG TIME. Because the world is run by the man (who?). Oh, you don’t know the man? He’s everywhere, in the white house, down the hall, Ms. Mullins-she’s the man. And the man ruined the o-zone and he’s burning down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank. There used to be a way to stick it to the man and it was called Rock and Roll, but guess what? Oh no, the man ruined that too by a little thing called MTV. So don’t waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome because the man is going to call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul, so do yourself a favor and JUST GIVE UP!”

The End.
(for today)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It was my birthday on Sunday…on Father’s Day. I had to share my day. Unlike other people who have the whole day to themselves. Hmph! But it was good.

I started a bit off schedule. I was supposed to wake up at 4 am, but I forgot to turn my alarm on. I know, smart, huh? So I got up at 5:30ish am and started cooking. Ended up being brunch. I made Lemon Cupcakes, Scrambled Tofu, Blackberry Waffles, Chocolate Pudding Cake with Ganache Frosting (XXXXXXXX-TRA chocolaty!!!), and Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Muffins.

It was chaotic in the kitchen, luckily my mom offered to help me out. (Usually my birthdays always end up really crappy and that’s how the day started). I made the lemon frosting wrong (I mixed everything together when it was actually supposed to be added one at a time and was dripping the lemon cupcake batter all over the place (I have no idea how that was happening because I’m extremely anal about uber clean). Then my mom had to calm me down because I started bawling all over the place. After that things started looking brighter (plus my best friend texted me to wish me a happy birthday). My Chocolate Pudding Cake kind of deflated…which didn’t make me too happy. I labeled it the Poop Cake. But it tasted spec-tac-u-lar!

After brunch my parents took me to Whimsic Alley (THE Harry Potter Store). It was freaking awesome!!! Then we went to the 3rd street promenade (Santa Monica) and wandered around a bit. And then they took me to California Vegan, which surprisingly was really good. I had Dim Sun, Pad Thai with Seitan, Brown Rice, Egg Roll, and Salad. My mom had the same thing as I did (my Dad didn’t order anything…) but she had Spicy Egg Plant with Soy Ch***en.

We came home and my best friend called me and said that she was home and then I lost service…crappy phones!!! So I went over to her house and stayed there the rest of the day.

I hope you all had a swell father’s day.

By the way, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out in 1 month and 3 days, to be exact!

The End.

(for today)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I checked my grades for the Spring (2007) session…aaaaaaaaaaand here they are…

Math B

Philosophy B

English A

Drawing A

This is not cool! TWO B’s??? I don’t like B’s…I understand one B…but TWO?! Oh, how I feel so blue. Poop. Fall session I got straight A’s...and that’s the way it should be!

I’m thinking about dropping Statistics and taking it in Spring 2008. But I don’t know yet. There’s sooooooooo much memorization of definitions that don’t apply to my life.

Blah blah blah.

Change of topic! My birthday is coming…bleh. 19. That’s so damn old! Pretty gross. Can’t we age with no flabby skin or wrinkles? My parents got me my present already. They got a whole new bedroom makeover thingy for me that I was talking about before. It’s purty! I’ll post pictures once I’ve put everything together. They also paid for the vintage dresses and skirts that I found and absolutely fell in love with!

I think I’ll get up extra early on my birthday to exercise first, then bake myself a cake and make breakfast for my parents. I have to make something nice for father’s day. Why can’t they be vegan? Then they could bake me a cake. Whatever. I haven’t reminded anyone my birthday is coming…I just want to see if they remember. If they don’t…it’s ok.

My mom and I have become overly obsessed with fried tofu! Mmmmm…makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I go through these obsession phases until I get sick of it then move on to something else. But, yeah, it’s a recipe that I made up. I’ll call it…Yo-fu (I don’t know…I just pulled that out of my ass). Here’s the recipe:


1 tablespoon Olive Oil

1 lb Extra-Firm Tofu (pressed)

1 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar

1 tablespoon Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon water

1 teaspoon Ground Ginger

1 teaspoon Granulated Garlic Powder

Cook It Up!

Cut tofu into 8ths. Heat a large skillet (use non-stick!!!) until hot and add oil and then the tofu. Saute tofu strips. Flipping them occasionally so they get brown and crispy (!!) on all sides.

Once they have a firm texture, mix together (in a small bowl) the vinegar, soy sauce, water, ginger, and garlic powder and add to the pan. Make sure to pour it all over the tofu strips. “Mix” fast so that all the tofu can absorb them marinade. Cook until all the liquid is evaporated and turn off heat. Yummy!

They taste good in sandwiches and just about with everything except dessert!

Well that lightened my spirit up a bit. I think I’ll go cook something so I can relieve my stress.

The End.

(for today)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Statistics sucks.

The End.
(for today)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So here it is…my best friend’s birthday! Can you believe it…she’s 19!!! And she’s in Irvine studying for her finals. Great. I can’t celebrate it with her. Oh well, she’s coming down for my birthday next weekend (just so happens that it ends up being on father’s day…hmm…the last time that happened was on my 13th birthday).

Summer session starts this coming week and I’m not looking forward to it. Bleh.

Did I mention that I’m going to be working at Citi Bank? They’re looking for an opening at the moment (but they really want to hire me…happiness!) and in the mean time I’m going to do babysitting, I think…twice a week. Maybe I can convert them to be veg (the kids I mean…they’re 2 boys…one’s 9 and the other is 11…and Persian)!

Both of my cousins’ graduations are next week and they’re both celebrating it together at a fancy shmancy restaurant. Maybe I can sneak into the kitchen and cook myself some food (since one of my cousin’s parents owns it). That would be excellent…then I can eat something.

I just have one more year at the community college I’m attending…and then two more years at the CSU…and then one year in Colorado for vegan culinary school…and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I get to open my restaurant/café/bakery. I’ve been thinking…maybe I should just open a bakery instead. Baking is my specialty. Then I can do wedding cakes, parties, and whatever anyone asks for (ALL VEGAN, YO!). If I were to open a restaurant…there’s just so much work involved. Way too much. Maybe after I’m established with the bakery I can open a café and then a restaurant. It all depends upon the business…how successful I’m going to be.

Sorry about boring you with all my ramblings…this is basically what goes on in my head.

Anywho, you can go now, I’m done.

The End.

(for today)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hello Beautiful Peeeeeeeeeeeople! Below is the fabbity fab fab peeeeeeectures of my...uh...stuffs. Ya. I was having trouble typing on that bloggy so I had to type it in this one...weird. Below there's some Millet Stuff with Roasted Veggies & tofu...Blueberry Coffee Cake (ala mode)...Grilled Veggies...My Lovely Pomegranate Twee...Baby White Squashies...aaaaaaand it's Cherry Season!

So ya...ok...I'm not in the mood to blogggggggg write...

The End.
(for today)