Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is over and New Years is coming fast.

How was your fab holly-day?

I got a pretty good haul of presents this year. Hehe. I got 4 of the things on my Blog Christmas Wish List…which included 2 new plastic sturdy portfolios, peppermint extract, knee high patent pleather boots, and 2 (!) warm jackets. My mummy got me the Stella McCartney parfum, which was totally unexpected, and these awesome “lava lamp” starry night lights. The best of all was that she ordered EVERYTHING that was on my art supply wish list, but was way WAY way too far off my budget.

Anywho, that’s not what I was really looking forward to…I was waiting for the people’s reactions to my food.

Yes, many “oooo’s” and “ahhhhh’s.” It made me feel all happy inside like a child getting a puppy. I was kind of last minute with doing everything, so I wasn’t able to make all the nummy food I wanted to make. I made mashed potatoes with Isa’s punk rock gravy, chocolate raspberry cake, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate raspberry puff cookies, Isa’s cranberry-orange-nut loaf, and cranberry oat bran muffins.

My mum made this amazing pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, Italian sausage tofurkey, and olives. She also made her infamous cranberry sauce and a cranberry apple crisp (and many other non-vegan foods). My dad made a whole bunch of barbecue (veggies included)…I found that extremely abnormal. BBQ at Christmas Eve dinner? Strange.

In all the party was superb.

I finished my friends’ presents…

My mum’s friend gave this stellar present, The Puppini Sisters CD! I was so stoked! It has great pinup girl pictures inside the cover. There’s interesting covers of Blondie’s Heart of Glass and The Smith’s Panic. Go check it out.

My cousin’s girlfriend got him this AMAZING jacket. This design is just…I can’t even think of a word for it. There’s drawings of guns in the pockets, a butcher knife for a zipper, and a fantastic drawing on the back. I just couldn’t get over it. Maybe I can find myself a small enough version for myself…like a men’s extra small.

Oh! And I fell in love with Mrs. May’s Naturals. For some strange reason I didn’t think that it was vegan. But, yeah!!!

I found it odd they put this DO NOT EAT package in it (I know it’s for keeping it dry, it’s just funny).

That’s all I have to say for now…until next time!

The End.
(for today)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On behalf of my besty buddy, I’m posting my Christmas wish list…so she won’t badger me anymore about it (and I promise you, Va, there’s no jokes on this list, this is the real shit).

So here it is…

*2008 Pinup Girls Calendar (the drawn ones, not the actual photographs)

*Patent pleather knee-high boots (good luck with that)
*Warm jacket (that contains no wool, feathers, or any other animal based material…for some reason I can’t find one I like & if someone finds that ONE for me…I will love you forever!)
*Black Purse (ditto the reason for the “warm jacket”)
*The Bourne Series DVD Box Set (Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum)
*PETA heart bunny necklace (absolutely adorable)

*Portfolio for my drawings (the 2 I own are tearing…)
*Peppermint extract (can’t find it in stores…)

*More Vegan Cookbooks (a girl can never have enough!)
*50 Billion bags of Smarties (my favorite candy since I was born)

‘Tis that is all. Oh and you know, peace on earth, no more animal cruelty, the end of poverty, and me to have a guaranteed job as an art director…you know…all that jazz.

I want to see everyone’s Christmas wish list! Get on it!

The End.
(for today)

(By the way...why is everyone pregnant now? From Jamie Lynn Spears to Lilly Allen...Weird!)
Oh! And Check this OUT! (I LOVE Dita Von Teese!!! So glad she's a PETA girl now!)

Learn More at

Monday, December 17, 2007


Life is not treating me very pleasantly in many ways, yet there are a few things that are going quite swell. My friendy poo has come down from Irvine for the holidays and it’s as if we just left off when she was here during summer break and there’s been no interruption at all. Weird.

But we’re going to go see Sweeney Todd together which I’m uberly stoked about. Wish she didn’t leave to go to Irvine…maybe our friendship wouldn’t have deteriorated as much.

I’m having a Christmas party at my house.

That means lots of cooking and baking and crying. Oh the holidays. What would I do without thee?

My presents are coming out superb, I must say (and that’s saying something!). I’ll post pictures of the glorious gifts after I have distributed them amongst my closest friends. I don’t want them seeing it on my blog at the moment.

Delilah and I are going to the Moca to go see the Murakami exhibition. I can’t wait! You should go check it out if you’re in the area.

How awesome would it be if I had my own showing at the Moca? Would you come? Ha.

The End.
(for today)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I thought I’d just put an update on my final art project and put up the painting that I forgot to upload on the last post (silly me!). Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season!

Much Love!

The End.
(for today)