Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Guess what?! It’s DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much to say! Where to begin?

Well, my Portland, Oregon Christmas trip has been postponed till spring break. Why? There’s way too much shit happening. Ya. No details for the moment.

Has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? Since my list of people has greatly shortened, I have less money to spend. Ha! I’m ecstatic about Delilah’s gift…but I can’t say it because she reads my blog (Hi Loo!!!). Don’t you hate it when you’re bursting with excitement because of a gift you got someone but you can’t tell them about it?! It’s driving me up the wall!!

Pirates came out and I’m temporarily happy. Hello?! Sweeny Todd!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to send out your Christmas cards!

I got in the mood to bake some Christmasy crystallized ginger cookies and listen to rad Christmas music while doing so.

After I baked the last cookie (that huge monster!!!) my mum and I watched The Polar Express. It got me all warm and fuzzy inside…makes me want to believe that there’s actually a Santa Claus out there.

Yams are one of the bestest best things to cook up during this fabby cold weather. To tell you the truth…I never really liked yams…until! My mum made something and I fell in love (-ish). I’ve been experimenting with these curious roots and discovered a great recipe. I call it Roasted Yamotoesh. Hehe. It’s rosted yams, potatoes, acorn squash, onion, and carrots.

By the way I’ve been thinking about starting up a separate blog just for recipes…I find it just a tad unfair that I keep all the magic to myself…so be on the look out for that sometime in the near future.

Here’s one of the crazy things that I painted…It actually came out ok. Not as bad as the other, which I dare not post a picture of! I got a 98% on it because I pushed the boundaries of the values of color (WHATEVER).

It’s kind of weird taking only two classes…but yet I don’t feel so much weight on my shoulders (at the moment). At least I just have to study for two finals.

So I’m setting up my schedule for the spring semester, and shit!!!! I have so much to take in so little time. I have 10 (+) more art classes to take and 5 more G.E.s! I am definitely staying one more year. I think I might have to take 5 classes for spring. Urgh…what a bitch. I wish I knew what the hell I was doing when I started. Sometimes it’s really tough having a Persian dad. But now he’s all who-ha about me becoming an art director. Ok so here’s the schedule---->

Graphic Design I~ M*W 11:10-12:35 (3 Units)
Astronomy~ M*W 2:15-5:25 (4 Units)
Illustration I~ T 5:40-9:55 p.m. (3 Units)
Drawing II~ Th 5:40-9:55 p.m. (3 Units)
Life Drawing I~ F 9:35-1:50 (3 Units)

That’s so gross…I have a class on Friday. I haven’t had a class on Friday since high school. Poop. And yet again I’m stuck with two night classes. Am I complaining too much? I’ll stop.

I think I’ll go bake something.

The End.
(for today)


vko said...

Love those christmas sugar cookies! And I have no doubt that you will be a fab art director- I would give anything to go back to just take classes, trust me when you are in the working world you will long for classes...

Thanks for the offer of help but we are not moving to L.A., we love to toy with the idea of living in Santa Monica but just not right now because our careers are here and we just bought a condo...one can dream though.

Ashasarala said...

Mmm... Sugar cookies... So simple yet so wonderful.

I wish I had taken art classes. I'd give anything to be able to draw. My closest friend is an art major and he's amazing. I hate him for it. Haha

I know it's never too late, but as you know, I got caught up in the whole 'band thing'. At least I can sing, right?

We need to see more of your art on here.