Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On behalf of my besty buddy, I’m posting my Christmas wish list…so she won’t badger me anymore about it (and I promise you, Va, there’s no jokes on this list, this is the real shit).

So here it is…

*2008 Pinup Girls Calendar (the drawn ones, not the actual photographs)

*Patent pleather knee-high boots (good luck with that)
*Warm jacket (that contains no wool, feathers, or any other animal based material…for some reason I can’t find one I like & if someone finds that ONE for me…I will love you forever!)
*Black Purse (ditto the reason for the “warm jacket”)
*The Bourne Series DVD Box Set (Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum)
*PETA heart bunny necklace (absolutely adorable)

*Portfolio for my drawings (the 2 I own are tearing…)
*Peppermint extract (can’t find it in stores…)

*More Vegan Cookbooks (a girl can never have enough!)
*50 Billion bags of Smarties (my favorite candy since I was born)

‘Tis that is all. Oh and you know, peace on earth, no more animal cruelty, the end of poverty, and me to have a guaranteed job as an art director…you know…all that jazz.

I want to see everyone’s Christmas wish list! Get on it!

The End.
(for today)

(By the way...why is everyone pregnant now? From Jamie Lynn Spears to Lilly Allen...Weird!)


j.elliot said...

I'll see what I can do about your wish list...

Good idea about the Indie 103.1

Happy Holidays!


va said...

lol.. all i have to say is some are gonna be hard to get hands on except for smarties.. =) which was never on ur previous lists before.. lol

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