Monday, December 17, 2007


Life is not treating me very pleasantly in many ways, yet there are a few things that are going quite swell. My friendy poo has come down from Irvine for the holidays and it’s as if we just left off when she was here during summer break and there’s been no interruption at all. Weird.

But we’re going to go see Sweeney Todd together which I’m uberly stoked about. Wish she didn’t leave to go to Irvine…maybe our friendship wouldn’t have deteriorated as much.

I’m having a Christmas party at my house.

That means lots of cooking and baking and crying. Oh the holidays. What would I do without thee?

My presents are coming out superb, I must say (and that’s saying something!). I’ll post pictures of the glorious gifts after I have distributed them amongst my closest friends. I don’t want them seeing it on my blog at the moment.

Delilah and I are going to the Moca to go see the Murakami exhibition. I can’t wait! You should go check it out if you’re in the area.

How awesome would it be if I had my own showing at the Moca? Would you come? Ha.

The End.
(for today)

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Ashasarala said...

Sweeney Todd looks interesting. Johnny Depp is in all of Tim Burton's movies. And by 'all' I just mean a lot of them.

Sorry you can't go to the concert. I've never heard of that band. What kind of music are they?