Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have been taken over by the Lazy Demon of Laziness and that is why I have finally posted today.

Aren’t you uber duber excited for Blaqk Audio’s CexCells???? I cannot wait! I’m still trying to figure out if Jade’s bloggy is run by him or just a stupid imposter that makes me happy when an updation has been posted. The one of the people who run the message boards on the official Blaqk Audio fan site ( say that it is…

Had an absolute bad experience when I started baking my thumbprint cookies on Thursday night (06/28/07)…everything just went all kapooey. The humidity wasn’t helping either. My batter was way too sticky and all the things that I touched just got batter on it. My cookies turned out flat…ugly…and too floury. About four of them broke in half and a couple of them sunk right down the middle making a nice fountain of strawberry jam. To make things even better I broke the coffee pot (glass shards everywhere!!!). I dunno. I guess the Baking Gods weren’t too happy with me or it’s sign that I’m crap like my cookies. Bah! Be gone you evil demons of horrid incidences!!! Leave me to bake glorious cakes and cookies and not this shit that I have been creating!!!

A game of hearts lifted my spirits just a tad bit (the dots represent how much it improved my mood---> ..) and as always, I type my name in as “moo” when I play. You didn’t need to know that…

Potluck (06/29/07). Yes. I debated to give the carnivores my cookies…I thought not! If I did, then they were going to think that these crappy cookies are what vegan people survive on. I can’t do that to my fellow veggies!!! I’ll kept the crap to myself (strangely my mummy loved them…why is it that all the poopy things I make end up being a good thing with her? Because she’s my mum and she doesn’t want her daughter to think that what she makes is shit. What a fab mum I have!).

I went to go check what they had…nothing really (for me that is). I took pictures of the fruit, few veggies, and my mum’s salad. The did for the fruit and veggies weren’t vegan. I ate nothing. NOTHING. I felt sick from the ch**ken w*ngs that were on the table.

I have got more than half of my room makeover done. I’m happy it’s not as crowded and now I actually have light!

Harry Potter, Yo!

Oh and my mum made a spiffy pasta salad.

I hope you all have a fab Fourth of July! (I’m going to go see Transformers!)

The End.

(for today)


ComeOnRussia said...

girl,u always post SOOOOOO "TASTY" pics..thanx for that)

Fantamazing! said...

Awe, it has been awhile! Man i love all the pictures! and nice room make-over! Sheesh, I wish my room looked that nice!

vko said...

Worry not my dear, I too have been bitten by the demons of laziness- this too shall pass, as will flat floury cookies- but honestly, they still look pretty good. I happen to like thin cookies.

As for my asian muttness- I'm part Chinese, Laotian & Vietnamese and not quite sure which version of the Nightmare soundtrack I have- I copied it from a friend's cd, but I really really love that movie.

Your room looks great!

Julia said...

Hello!back again:)As always, you have excellent photos and recipes.I love those cookies.Let me know whether you'd be willing for a link exchange in my friend's food blog.Take care.

KleoPatra said...

Missing you, come back soon!