Friday, April 20, 2007

Why, Hello! i've been uber lazy about posting my bloggy (that I typed up last Friday) below and placed it as a draft. I just needed to upload all the Vegas pictures. So much has happened since the last time I blogged.

The shooting at Virginia Tech has really disturbed me. Greatly. I think even more so to know that the guy was Korean. I think of all those families who have to hear that their son/daughter were killed. I'm sorry for them. My hart has sunk down so deep, I haven't been able to dig it out. This could have been prevented, on top of it I hope all those mother fuckers who taunted him about the way he talked, looked, and just everything about him, now feel the pain he felt. We live in such a cruel world. Why do we need to act like bitches to make other people feel like crap? Don't they see the pain that eventually adds up? He was mentally ill...sick..he needed help...and yet the authorities did nothing...32 people killed...33 including the shooter...29 many that could have been saved...change of subject....because I can go on for ten years with this...

It's getting to the point of reaching the decision of what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life I'm geting super scared. What do I do? What am I going to study? Should I do what I love or what my dad wants me to be? I should be happy because it's my life, but won't be...because I'll be knowing that my dad isn't. I'm pulling out my hair with this!!!

My dad has finally accepted me as being vegan and actually being proud that I am. Shocker!!! It's because the doctor told him that I'm healthy and living a healthier lifestle than those who aren't vegetarian/vegan. Woo Hoo!

I 'm gonna start going to a psychologist. My choice. I haven't been able to cope with everything that's making my head spin. I'm looking forward to having a clear head, for once in my life. It will also cure these unexpected tears that just erupt when I talk to people. What the hell is up with me?

I've created ten new clothing designs on croquis. I would love for them to be sold. That would be so freaking awesome!!!

Bad Religion and Tiger Army are gonna be headlining the Warped Tour. Would be awesome if I could get tickets (with money that I need to obtain some how!)

Cochella is next weekend. There's like what? 500 bands in three days? Crazyness. I WANT TO GO!

My friend wants to take me to the Fall Out Boy Honda Civic Tour Concert (what a mouthful!) in June. I might be going to Vegas (oh no! not again!) who knows? I only think Pete Wentz is pretty and that's it. I can get extremely sick of them after one song. So...yes? No? Idon't know.

Icky Thump comes out June 19th! White Stripes, yo!

Found out my actual height...5'5'' exactly.

OK so go on and read my blah blah blahs....

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