Friday, March 30, 2007

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<----Don't you love this picture?!

Wonder why I'm vegan? Go to this site...

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Anonymous said...

You posted a question on PETA, about whether or not Sunsilk and Garnier Fructis are vegan:

I don't think either are vegan, but both brands are tested on animals. Sunsilk is manufactured by Unilever, and Garnier Fructis is made by Clairol. Both companies are notorious for being HUGE animal testing supporters.

If you're looking for products that aren't tested on animals, I suggest Avon, Revlon, Down Under Naturals, and Got2B. If you're looking for other products, go to for a list of companies that do, and don't test on animals. You can also order a wallet sized booklet, with a huge, fold out list of products that are not tested on animals. It's really convenient, and I take it everywhere.

I hope this helped.