Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I have dropped my math class because I can’t have a D on my transcript. That D will definitely drop my GPA like no other! I’m kind of depressed about it because I could have passed that class with an A…if only I studied a lot harder…It’s just that this semester my head wasn’t where my body was. I promise I’ll do a lot better in the spring session. In the mean time I’m going to take some winter classes to make up for the units. I think I’m going to need to spend more time for studying than coming up with recipes and drawing…

How about some Vegenaise? It can make anything taste good.

Meh. I feel extraordinarily crappy.

Do you like what I’ve done with my bloggy? Or is it too much? Is it too overcrowded? I’ll take a poll! I was getting too bored with it…it needed something more. If it’s too distracting let me know.

Have you seen the line up for night 2 of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas?! I WANT TO GO!!!
The End.
(for today)

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