Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hi Sexy People.

Here it is in November…what the hell happened to all the posts you say? Well…I have no explanation for that, except if you’ll accept that I was absolutely busy and that I barely had any time for myself…or you can just stick your big ass nose in the air and say I don’t believe that bullshit. Whatever floats your boat, honey!

Would you like to know what happened while there was no updations??? I know you’re pissing yourself with excitation…calm down! Did you think that I’d never update this blog? I bet you thought I just completely forgot about it…no. I thought about it on a daily basis…wondering when I need to do my updation. Geez that took forever, no?

Let’s start with school, since that’s what governs my life. I’m not doing so fab…My art and English classes are spiffy, but my math and chemistry. Dude…that’s a totally different story. I think I have a D in both of them. Do you understand how bad that is?! I don’t get D’s…nothing ever below a B!!! I have no idea what happened. I study my ass off like no other, but when I take the test…the “stupid monster” takes over my brain and makes me go blank. Urgh, where did I go wrong? I think I need a break from school. College is a huge pain in the who-ha! Can’t some music company just hire me as their art director? I mean do I really need to involve Calcium Bicarbonate with figuring out what we’re going to be using as the layout for a CD cover? I hate being stupid. No worries, my children, I’m not going to go all emo on you. But the strange thing is that I became really close to the people in chemistry. Who knew?

I don’t think I’ve ever ditched a class so many times in my life (OK…let’s exclude middle school…haha). My friend and I went to a Shiny Toy Guns concert on a Thursday night (which is my English night class). The two opening acts were…ummm…interesting? The first band: Le Men Le Purr…Yeah. I know. Second Band: Hairy Navels. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just Kidding. I forgot what their name was, but they were either shirtless (exposing their hairy navels) or wearing a blazer with no shirt under. Why did STG choose them for their opening? I have nooooooooo idea.

I think I discovered my all time FAVORITE movie of all time. Stranger Than Fiction. Yes. You should watch it. In fact, I want the whole world to watch it! I love it. It has this awesome indie vibe (like The Life Aquatic <---Love that Movie!) and everyone has this role that’s just so beautiful. Why can’t life be a movie? Or in Delilah’s case, a musical?

I’ve been tremendously busy cooking and baking (my usual)…here’s a sample as to what I’ve been doing.

I can’t wait until I get to come out with my cook book! That’s not until…3 years from now? I think? I’ve already started working on it. Eeek! Imagine seeing my own book on a book shelf at Barnes and Noble!!!! (By the way I bought Veganomicon and I fucking love it!!!)
What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Hope you’re saving a turkey. Good ‘ol Tofurky for all the swell veggies out there. I’m baking pumpkin pie, 4 types of cupcakes, and cooking up some nummy mashed potatoes with gravy and some crazy good cranberry sauce for my cousin’s annual Thanksgiving party. And guess what?! This year a vegan is coming to town and she’s going to have a speech for all the poor little innocent turkeys, piggies, chickens, and any other animal who did not deserve to be brutally slaughtered and placed “oh so” gracefully on the goddamn table to be eaten and later to be shit out because of all the heart burn it has created. Oooooooooo! I’m so ecstatic for the holidays!!!!

I cut my hair. I don’t think you got it. I cut my own hair. When I get money I’ll get it done professionally, but in the mean time I thought I’d have a go with the nice salon scissors that my aunt got my mum. Surprisingly I have a great touch for hair cutting! I’ve been getting non stop compliments about my hair. Ya. Just random strangers, people at Trader Joe’s, people at parties…Total COOLINESS! Want me to cut your hair?

My foot’s asleep. Damn it.

My favorite show just so happens to be Samantha Who? I adore that show! I think it would be a great thing to have amnesia…then I can see how I really was (is?). It made me love Christina Applegate even more. She’s so pretty. Lucky. My cousin got a tattoo. Before me! It’s really nice though. It’s a clef note with cherry blossoms around her wrist. She’s over the top about it and she can’t wait until I get mine…I think I should get a box that says “Tattoo Money.” I spend all my money on ingredients and food………………yeah that’s it. The rest of my stuff, mum pays for (I love my mummy!).

Speaking of my mum. She went to the doctor to check up on that evil thing that was inside of her (cancer…) and the doctor says she’s pretty sure that the test is going to come out negative, so she wants my mum to have another test done next week. I know it’s gone. It just has to be. I’ve been so caught up with my mum that I totally forgot about myself. I have an overactive thyroid (and unfortunately I’m one of those cases where it’s really hard to lose weight…don’t picture an obese chick…’k?) and I need to be tested every year to make sure that it doesn’t turn cancerous like my mum’s (she had an under active). But I’m 100% positive that it’ll never be. Why, you say. Read the China Study and you will learn the wonders of cancer.

I’m going to Portland, Oregon for Christmas! This is the first time not being able to celebrate it here at home with friends and family. But I’m excited! I bet it’s going to be snowing!!!! I LOVE SNOW! I was meant for the cold. Hey, I was born in Columbus, Ohio. There was actually seasons there. We’re leaving on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve? Really? That’s weird. Oh…that’s right! My mum postponed the trip so I can go to the concert! I LOVE MY MUM! Let the whole world know about it! Oh and I’ll take along my road trip journal again (yes we’re driving…my mum loves road trips…if you can’t tell), that should be great entertainment for you guys.

I think that’s enough blabbing for now. Hope all of you beautiful people are doing swell and that the weather is treating you good. Until next time.

(By the way to get into the Christmas spirit you should listen to Low’s Just Like Christmas. It’s one of my all time favorite songs EVER)

The End.
(for today)

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