Monday, May 7, 2007

Oucherz…my mouth is full of stitches. Yup. Got my stupid wisdom teeth pulled out on Saturday morning. I swear I got at least 30 Novocain shots…I need it more for my head. Here’s my teeth.

Scary huh?

I survived on all pureed stuff, soy ice cream, and sorbet. Never thought I’d be sugared out.

This is what made me take my thoughts away from my pain…yes it is Yoshi’s Island. Best game ever!

On Sunday my group and I (for philosophy) went to KFC to hand out flyers…you know the Kentucky Fried Cruelty ones. It impacted everyone who were not at KFC, but those who went there to eat food were freaking rude as hell. One bitch was like “Yeah I know this stuff, but it’s not going to stop me from ordering. Thanks for helping.” And she just drove off in her Mercedes. I swear these people! My project is based on Plato’s theory of people coming out of a cave and seeing the light. We’re supposed to modernize it…used my idea to show how people are living in a “cave” by consuming animals who have been cruelly handled/treated and bringing them into the light to show what the hell they’re actually eating.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Doing anything? I’m going to bake Raspberry Blackout Cake With Ganche-y Frosting. Yum yum! The next day is the lovely Hunter Carson’s 31st Birthday!

The End.
(for today)


Fantamazing! said...

Whoooa..! Crazyy teeth! that looks painful! My brother got that done like a week ago...he couldn't talk so he grunted at me :D But that food looks delicious! Augh!
I hate frigging KFC...gosh those people are retarded! holy cow! that woman is a witch too...sheesh! But close to happy mothers day! Wooot!..Mmm cake!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at your teeth, I'm in pain :/
I hope you're ok.

So Yoshi's Island is the best game ever ? I'm not familiar with it. I'm into Harvest Moon Magical Melody, right now LOL