Thursday, August 23, 2007

I still can't get over how awesome this tattoo is!

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Fantamazing! said...

Haha NO WAY! At least i dont think its in canada? MeH! I just like the trees haha! Your Coming up here! Sweet! i hope you like it! But Yeah Shopping was awesome..ready for school aha :D Hah I have Like $8 too Just cause' Cex Cells had to Be bought!

wow! that sounds hardcore! Kinda annoying though...I would hate to have to do community collage! At least your almost done... HAH Your Moving TO Oregon! thats so awesome!!! Kinda strange Leaving everything Must be nice though :D

Yeah Math Is crappy...Im just taking them ALL Like A30, B30, C30 and Physics..aughhh!

that kinda sucks about your friends :( but shopping?? But that Food looks SOO really hungry ahah I wish I could cook like that! And I think you just motivated me to read the last Harry Potter haha

hah the weather Is BETTER than ever :D I hope its Nice down there too!!!