Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My mum’s friend came over on Saturday (for dunch~lunch & dinner) and I absolutely adore this woman. She’s a two-time cancer survivor and a huge inspiration to everyone. I was in one of my grumpy moods (unfortunately) and was sulking /limping about around the house before she came. I finally decided to make some mac & cheese with tofurkey and a cranberry orange loaf (a la mode) for our little get together and my mum made some Persian rice and salad (and some other non-vegan things).

I finally came around my moody self when she finally arrived and had a great time conversing about the good times. She was so honored that I gave her one of my drawings, even though it was a print, because she was so in love with it. I mean, I don’t find myself to be something to go all woot woot about. But, I felt very pleased that she found my work to be top of the line and unique. She comes from a history of artists, funny thing though she claims that it was never passed on to her. I bet it’s there somewhere in her. Anywho, she gave me the funniest Christmas present ever…Statistics for Dummies. She’s the best!

My grandma taught me how to make this Persian soup called Osh. It tastes so DAMN good!!!! No worries you’ll find the recipe (my version) in my future cookbook. Hehe.

I want to thank you humble people who wished my foot and I well. We are healing slowly, but surely. I eventually had to tell my parents because they were bugging the hell out of me (asking, “Why are you limping?” “What’s wrong with your foot?” “If you don’t tell me, I’m taking you to the doctor!” ßthreats are no joke!). The first night of my horrid incident, my whole right leg had a fever. After being heavily induced with a whole bunch of hydrogen peroxide on my foot and foaming white bubbles that seeped out of the wound, it began to finally heal. And currently I can walk semi-normally, so I’m thankful for that.

I made baked some banana raisin oat bran muffins. Very nummy, indeed.

Delilah’s 20th birthday was yesterday. Geez…20! That means in 6 months I’ll be 20 too…we’re so old! I made her some chocolate mousse cupcakes with some Newman O’s on the frosting.

I finally was able to give her Christmas present (which she was so happy to receive…a framed picture, drawn by me, and some Victoria’s Secret stuff). I treated her out to P.F. Chang’s, which was going fab until she found a long blonde hair in her noodles. Yummy…
While she was in Las Vegas over New Year’s, she bought my mum and I these incredibly cute Beatles glasses (because she knows how my mum LOVES The Beatles). Absolutely thoughtful of her!

I hope you all went out to go see Sweeney Todd, I’m telling you it SO worth your time! For those who are squeamish about blood/gore/horror…you can see the first part of the movie, part of the middle, and just a tad bit of the end (that’s just for future reference). Just humor me and say you enjoy my on going fascination with Sweeney Todd…

I was thinking about how all these people I love in the world of Hollywood and music…they’re all old. That means they’ll be deceased before me. Doesn’t that crush everything? Sorry to ruin it for you.

The End.


Ashasarala said...

Your mum's friend survived cancer TWICE? That really is amazing.

And you think my frosting looks good? I just wanna jump through the screen and eat all the mousse off of those chocolate cupcakes!! MMM!!!

To answer your question, the trick to using tips is to make sure the frosting is firm (not TOO firm) and you can do this by putting it in the fridge for ten minutes. Truth be told, I took a picture of the best one out of the batch. Not all of them came out so splendidly. Practice, practice, practice!

I know people have been eating raw mushrooms for years, but people have also been eating chemical-filled, processed, bagged and canned junk for years as well. Who knows what's causing what problems!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Wow, I love the color of your cranberry loaf! The flour part is so beautiful & golden, and the pretty pink pops right out! :)

Your Newman-Os cupcakes and mac & cheese are calling out to me. Yum!

Being treated to P. F. Chang's is a great present (hairy-ness aside). You are a generous friend! P. F. Chang's is possibly my all-time favorite restaurant - I love the vegetarian lettuce wraps!

j.elliot said...

Getting better!
You like The Decemberists, eh? My friend Chris Funk is in that band. I never could get into them.
Hope you had a great New Years.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Glad you commented on my blog... because it led me to yours!

What a great idea to add tofurky to mac and cheese! I need to go check the store to see if they have any left over from the holidays. Oh, and I'll be waiting patiently for you Osh recipe in your future cookbook :-)

Cupcakes look super yummy.... and 20 isn't so old! Try being 28 (wow, it's weird to type that)...

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yum, I'm so glad you found my blog because it enabled me to find yours! All your food looks so good-- This CHOCOLATE-covered vegan thinks that your CHOCOLATE-frosted cupcakes look especially drool-worthy. And I love PF Changs... too bad about the hair :o/. I hope you and your friend were able to enjoy your meals anyway!

I still haven't seen Sweeney Todd, but I want to!

Va said...

lol to the post below... im a 100% asian but i dont think i inherited the 100% brain power..lol.. anywho..i have another friend who sings sweeney todd too..and it reminds me of you whenever she does! also i'm proud that your mom's friend survived cancer... thats a big feat and she really is an inspiration.. tell her that if you see her again! on another note, what the heck?? limping?? you need to get that checked out m'dear and stiches maybe? by the way, why was the scissors in your heap of clothes anyways??? hmmm??? lol. love you <3

Vegyogini said...

I love (vegan/veganized) Persian food and I loved Sweeney Todd! Although, I wouldn't say that Johnny Depp is old...he's only in his 40s!! I didn't realize that you were in the Valley, too. I hope you've been trying all the fabulous restaurants we have so close at hand!

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