Saturday, July 21, 2007

So I have just read HPatDH...not happy. Not happy at all.

Oh and I saw HPOotP. It was crappppppppppppppp.

I will write more on my next post...I'm fuming right now...

The End.
(for today)


KleoPatra said...

OH NO!!!!!


i look forward to you blogging about this when you are up to it.

Boo! :o( Sorry...

Fantamazing! said...

YEAH! i can only imagin...ouch! I dont like The heatt aguuhh

But Yeah Harry Potter...Yeah I dont read the books...but Yeah the whatever one was..Aguh..I Liked that evil lady though haHAha
But YES RISE AGAINST is Like love! haha yeah they are greattness and even better live!
BUT your very skilled with that Caligraphy! seriously, I havn't seen Anyone Better hah :D I have to go to mr. Potter again, but for family tee hee!

vko said...

Oh, sorry you were disappointed- my sister dragged to get the book at midnight- I was fuming then- I blogged unhappy pictures about it, but she was not unhappy with the book...but I don't know if she was thrilled with it either...

ComeOnRussia said...

oooooook, i haven`t read this post!!!I HAVEN`T READ!!!!!!!!!!!
*closes eyes*

i have to wait the book coming out in November..cause i live in RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUSSSSSSSSIA.. =(

btw, fifth film is amazing))