Monday, August 18, 2008

Here it is! The new blog!

The End.

Yes, it has been a very looooooooooooooooong time...Infact I think it's been a century since I've updated this blog. What have I been up to? Well, for one school, school, and school. Art never ends! And I'm absolutely enjoying it. At the moment I'm trying to get my portfolio ready to apply to the Art Center College of Design.

Here's the sad news...I might be moving over to Wordpress...But! You can always catch up with me there aaaaaaaaaaaand I'll be starting my Flickr site once more (I think I haven't touched that thing for over four years!).

From there you can see the progress of my art work and of course the adventures of the FOOD!
In the mean time take care of yourselves and I will inform you of my new website very soon!


The End....
(P.S. I should mention the above illustration is not mine, but of James Jean. Click on the picture to go forth)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

There’s this new movie coming out called “Teeth.” It’s all about the myth of some women having a toothed vagina. Yeah. I know. It does look good and it had great reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. Personally, I find it kind of funny…Check it out if you’re into dark/horror comedy.

I burned my forehead with my curling iron. I didn’t think it was that bad (there was no visible burned skin), but when I came home that night and pinned back my bangs…in the mirror I saw this gorgeous brown line that fell in midst of my eyebrows. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself (by myself); this is when I’m very thankful for having bangs (but they’re the ones that caused that burn!). Have you noticed that I injure myself about every other week (missed the post?)? It’s as if I heal from some body damage and I end up hurting myself again. I am a walking disaster…life’s never boring :-).

Went to Whole Foods and got meself a fab box of 2 types of tabuleh, lemon noodles, and tofu. I’ve had better, that’s for sure.

I was in this mood to have tomato soup all last week…tomato soup? I don’t even like tomato soup that much. But the cravings were calling, so I decided to make it. And guess what? I fell in love. Yes, my dear friends, I fell in love with tomato soup. They say that your taste buds change after seven years, and I think those seven years came and went…AND THE TASTE FOR TOMATO SOUP ENTERED MY BRAIN (and mouth).

I poked around my cookbooks (veggie and non-veggie) to get the gist of what it’s made out of (tomatoes, duh) and I created THE MASTERFUL TOMATO SOUP!


I served it with tortilla chips (<3) and a cheesy sauce. Speaking of cheesy sauce…I made the one from Veganomicon…OMIGOD! This is the first time I think I’ve ever hated a recipe from Isa! I mean that woman is my idol, but urgh! It tasted like acid reflux with fart. I’m not joking! So I poured (God knows how much) soymilk, added cayenne, paprika, and more salt. Phew! After my attempt to recover from the original recipe, I had succeeded! Alas, the creamy pleasant taste of cheese enveloped my mouth.

I baked some classic chocolate chip cookies and hearty oatmeal raisin cookies served with soymilk :-). Too bad Santa’s not around to feel the love.

I was surprised to read that a lot of you haven’t tried rose water before. Hmmm…I guess you can say it does taste like roses…it’s very strong, so you have to use it sparingly to give it the “rose” flavor. As I mentioned in my last post, most Persian desserts are lavished with rose water and that is why I don’t like it much. When I do need it, I go to the nearby Persian market (I usually have it at home because my dad loves that stuff…) to buy it.
I think I’ll begin experimenting with some recipes to make my favorite childhood Persian cookie…it’s made out of chickpea flour (and rose water…ha) and it’s always in a shape of a tiny flower with four petals and a tiny red dot in the center. It’s extremely soft, but sturdy enough to keep its shape when handling it…not to mention it literally melts in your mouth. Yeah, I’ll get on the recipe ASAP.

My mum and I were kind of crazy on Friday night and took a whole bunch of chaotic pictures. Every time I look at them I just crack up…we’re such goobers together. {The major embarrassing ones are excluded…like these aren’t embarrassing enough}

I bought a new cell phone charm. I was in dire need to replace my star Pooh Bear, so I bought a Pokemon one! Made me very happy indeed. (Sorry to be all nerdy on you)

I thought I’d end with a few Mutts comics(because I so dearly love these and every single Mutts comic that’s ever been made). And did you know that Patrick McDonnel is veg? It’s true, you do learn something new everyday :-)

The End.
(for today)

P.S. I might not be able to update for a while because the laptop needs to be fixed…I may be lucky enough to get my hands on someone else’s computer then I can check up on you lovely people. In the mean time, take care of yourselves while my poor laptop takes a breather. <3

Monday, January 14, 2008

I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that Sweeney Todd won 2 out of 4 Golden Globe nominations, Johnny Depp for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical and Sweeney Todd for Best Picture for Comedy/Musical. I’m kind of disappointed that Tim Burton didn’t win Best Director and Helena Bonham Carter lost for Best Actress. This movie definitely deserved awards and I’m so pleased it was acknowledged.
I just wish they can get this writer’s strike over with…these poor writer’s deserve a huge-mungus raise…I mean without them where would the whole media business be?!

My art order finally came (after waiting for about 4+ weeks). It’s part of my mum’s Christmas present to me. The thing I was really waiting for was the Prismacolor 120 Color Pencils pack. It’s utterly breathtaking!

I also received two huge plastic portfolios (they’re so big, I can’t even find a place to put them in my room!), a Prismacolor pencil sharpener, glittering confetti (I have a thing with sparkly stuff), animal buttons, and a whole bunch of other goodies that won’t interest you.

I realized that I love tortilla chips. I mean I LOVE TORTILLA CHIPS! The semi-rough texture, the gorgeous crispy noise it makes when you crunch down on it, the salty-ness that satisfies that craving, and the beautiful toasty color. You must think I’m crazy…I don’t blame you, but I recognized this allure when I was drawing one day. I studied this chip and I understood my fondness for this incredibly delicious edible munchy!

On a different note…

I made a really good pasta salad, which involved caramelizing onions with some bell pepper and cherry tomatoes and spicing it up with rosemary and thyme.
I also made salsa verde corn bread, thinking that if I change up the traditional recipe I might actually like it…nope. Still hate corn bread. But everyone else liked it…
I baked the Strawberry-Rose Water Cobbler with Lemon-Poppy Seed Pastry from Veganomicon. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it because it has rosewater in it…I have a thing with rose water. I guess it’s due to the fact that almost all Persian desserts involve having rose water in it, I get sick of consuming it sometimes. Surprisingly, I really liked it a lot! The rose water actually enhanced the flavor of the strawberries.
I had some extra pastry dough left over from the crust so I made a blueberry bowl thing out of it. The strange thing was that everyone else liked blueberry bowl better than the recipe from the book. Weird.

The End.
(for today)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My mum’s friend came over on Saturday (for dunch~lunch & dinner) and I absolutely adore this woman. She’s a two-time cancer survivor and a huge inspiration to everyone. I was in one of my grumpy moods (unfortunately) and was sulking /limping about around the house before she came. I finally decided to make some mac & cheese with tofurkey and a cranberry orange loaf (a la mode) for our little get together and my mum made some Persian rice and salad (and some other non-vegan things).

I finally came around my moody self when she finally arrived and had a great time conversing about the good times. She was so honored that I gave her one of my drawings, even though it was a print, because she was so in love with it. I mean, I don’t find myself to be something to go all woot woot about. But, I felt very pleased that she found my work to be top of the line and unique. She comes from a history of artists, funny thing though she claims that it was never passed on to her. I bet it’s there somewhere in her. Anywho, she gave me the funniest Christmas present ever…Statistics for Dummies. She’s the best!

My grandma taught me how to make this Persian soup called Osh. It tastes so DAMN good!!!! No worries you’ll find the recipe (my version) in my future cookbook. Hehe.

I want to thank you humble people who wished my foot and I well. We are healing slowly, but surely. I eventually had to tell my parents because they were bugging the hell out of me (asking, “Why are you limping?” “What’s wrong with your foot?” “If you don’t tell me, I’m taking you to the doctor!” ├čthreats are no joke!). The first night of my horrid incident, my whole right leg had a fever. After being heavily induced with a whole bunch of hydrogen peroxide on my foot and foaming white bubbles that seeped out of the wound, it began to finally heal. And currently I can walk semi-normally, so I’m thankful for that.

I made baked some banana raisin oat bran muffins. Very nummy, indeed.

Delilah’s 20th birthday was yesterday. Geez…20! That means in 6 months I’ll be 20 too…we’re so old! I made her some chocolate mousse cupcakes with some Newman O’s on the frosting.

I finally was able to give her Christmas present (which she was so happy to receive…a framed picture, drawn by me, and some Victoria’s Secret stuff). I treated her out to P.F. Chang’s, which was going fab until she found a long blonde hair in her noodles. Yummy…
While she was in Las Vegas over New Year’s, she bought my mum and I these incredibly cute Beatles glasses (because she knows how my mum LOVES The Beatles). Absolutely thoughtful of her!

I hope you all went out to go see Sweeney Todd, I’m telling you it SO worth your time! For those who are squeamish about blood/gore/horror…you can see the first part of the movie, part of the middle, and just a tad bit of the end (that’s just for future reference). Just humor me and say you enjoy my on going fascination with Sweeney Todd…

I was thinking about how all these people I love in the world of Hollywood and music…they’re all old. That means they’ll be deceased before me. Doesn’t that crush everything? Sorry to ruin it for you.

The End.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweeney Todd was absolutely outstanding…excluding the end, which made me feel so miserable. But I eventually accepted the tragedy and I think the ending is just the way it should be. For some reason a lot of people didn’t like it. I thought the acting/singing, casting, costumes, dialogue, music, and directing were fabulous.

Although the blood could have been a tad bit more real looking. I went out and bought the soundtrack (and yes I bought the DELUXE EDITION, which came with an 80 page booklet)…couldn’t help myself. I’m constantly singing the songs, no wonder everyone is avoiding me these days. Va was incredibly funny. She closed her eyes so tightly and placed her jacket in front of her face when the first throat was slit. I just laughed and bellowed out “That looks so fake!” The people who sat next to me were like “Urgh!” Yes, the joys of blood and gore. Here's a clip of one of my favorite scenes...

Hands down, Sweeney Todd has made my list of top favorite movies of all time…and I’m pretty sure that it has surpassed Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s saying something!!

National Treasure: Book of Secrets was great too, though the first one was a lot better.

Va and I went to the Moca (sadly Delilah was not able to come because she ventured off to Vegas…that dirty place…) to see the Murakami exhibition. I wish they let us take pictures, oh well… At least we were able to get some outside.

What amazed me was the use of acrylic paint. On every single canvas board! So smooth… and the detailing! I had to keep reminding Va that the artist IS Asian, and everything an Asian does is perfect. Ha. I’m half, so I guess you can say I’m halfly perfect. Va is 100% and she’s super duper smart…with a mix of major laziness and valley girliness.

Winter session has started. And yet again, I’m attempting to take statistics. This is my third time…I could go for a record! I promised myself not to drop it this time, no matter how tempting it is.

So New Year’s Day came and went. Did you have fun? I’m wondering if 2008 will bring me any goodness. I don’t have any resolutions because they’re stupid and hardly ever work. I’ll try to go the gym on a weekly basis this year, but I doubt that will happen. My mum’s putting me on a less sugar diet because of my over consumption of it. She’s scared that I’m going to get diabetes because my grandpappy died of it (RIP). Hey, it’s not my fault I have a sweet tooth and a fondness for baking. Which reminds me! I baked this incredibly gooey chocolate raspberry chip brownies for the New Year’s Day party. I’m telling you, they went so fast! I tried my best to get a picture of a piece (so, I’m sorry about how terrible it looks).

There was a cute non-vegan cake there.

At the Marriot, by my house, they have an exclusive showing of some local artwork. These were the best, in my opinion.

One last thing to say is that I gouged the heel of my right foot with a pair of scissors that were sticking up from a pile of clothes on the floor (and I thought the heap was harmless!). It’s a nice big cave of a gash probably about 2 inches long and God knows how deep. I don’t think you’d like to see a picture, not your cup of tea I suppose. I can’t really walk properly…but I haven’t told anyone (except for you special people) because I hate it when people have that “Ewww!” or “ARE YOU OK?!!!” None of which I can tolerate to answer or respond to. Life goes on, I can deal with it. I have Sweeney Todd to listen to, not mope around about my stupid foot!

Hope the New Year of 2008 is treating you properly so far!

The End.
(for today)